Future ‘Farmers’ of America

I spend my days presenting to the Fortune 500 C-Suite across the globe on colocating their Data Center to a CyrusOne facility.  I sit with CEO's, CFO's, CIO's, and their brightest minds in network architecture, engineering and infrastructure.  These companies need data center space to house the exorbitant amount of data they are accumulating.  I'm... Continue Reading →


Tattoos and Datacenters

A strange combo right? How can those two even go together when all anyone can ever talk about is "Big Data" and "Hyper Scale" and "Cloud." You might find this hard to believe but 25% of our CyrusOne workforce chose to permanently tattoo the CyrusOne logo on their body - visibly I might add. Almost... Continue Reading →

‘Dada, Wake Up’

I hear these words, "Dada, wake up," every single day. They ring so loud that they literally take my breath away. It typically happens at the table or the den floor, and sometimes even by my son’s crib.  These three words don't echo loudly because my two-year-old wants me to pick my jaw up off... Continue Reading →

Robert in Progress…

Thanks for joining me!  You will hopefully see a wide variety of blog posts that bring together my faith in Christ, my love for my family, a passion for technology, and a broad interest field.  Hope you enjoy. Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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